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Horin Ltd. was established by Yueyang Horin in 2004 located in Dongguan City (China), the Company is specialized in manufacturing High-precision stainless steel Tanks, vessel and barrels including mechanical mixing equipment system solutions. Horin Ltd Expertise in pressure vessel design and manufacturing has all the necessary licenses to ensure  best practice and quality standards are in place at all time. We distinguish ourselves from other manufacturer as we go that extra mile with our products to achieves perfection. D1 & D2 and pressure pipeline installation license (GB2, GC2 and ISO 9001 quality management system certification.  Horin Ltd. Leader in high-tech precision stainless steel Tanks & barrel manufacturing and design can be customized and tailored for all kind of usages, Ideal for pharmaceutical industries or, bioengineering and of course food and beverages including dairy products up to fine chemical industries, we provides a whole set of tailored support conforming to exceed GMP requirements and standard. Horin Ltd products are exported worldwide and well known for their quality and reliability. Horin Ltd. cooperates closely with their customers starting from the design and throughout the installation period offering maintenance and service. Horin Ltd has an international pressure pipeline installation license certification (GB2, GC2) and contractor third-level qualification in electrical & mechanical equipment installation, and provides customers with one-stop service for the design, installation requisition acceptance and debugging of sanitary stainless steel process piping, automated production line of pharmaceuticals and beverage, pipe network system and so on, providing a complete and traceable documented service and support  structure . In pursuit of the cooperation on the principle and core value to deliver “Excellence & Quality”, we are committed and keep investing in research and constantly innovate ourselves applying the latest technical equipmets to help solve our customers’ problems , our expertise and knowledge in technology and production solution has become a true system solution  provider for many international and global operating companies such as Nestle, Pepsi, Budweiser, JDB, Green’s Bioengineering, Hitachi , Lonza, Capchem and may more.

Speech by Chairman 

Keep on moving with innovation and advance forward with consistency. Horin Ltd is dedicated and committed in manufacturing of high-precision stainless steel mechanical equipment and system solution output since its foundation. During the process of twelve-year development, we have been focusing on the system equipment supply for the industries of food and beverage and bio-pharmacy, as well as technical support of applications. We carry out research and development of technological innovation consistently with professionalism and provide our customers with much better products with persistent attitude. Our company will never stop innovation and will always keep consistent dedication to achieve perfection. We will  never compromise quality. Quality made us famous and our goal is to become the number 1 Leader worldwide in High-precision stainless steel tanks and barrels including mechanical mixing equipment system solutions.

  • It is one of the few certified companies who was honored and praised for their special design capacity, realizing theoretical projects in realty and tangible result. Nevertheless for our manufacturing and installing solutions. Offering a tailored and customized maintenance and assistance program using special equipment, technology and engineering knowledge and support.. .

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  • Leader in engineering, your best choice for innovation & technology when quality is a must!

Competitive Advantages

We improve the production standardized management system with the scientific process and guarantee the high quality of every product during the process of design, raw materials test, blanking, welding, polishing and molding.


On the basis of mechanical equipment production experience for many years, Horin Ltd hasin place a complete quality control system, obtained ISO 9001 quality assurance system certification, and guaranteed the product quality with the most advanced testing equipment and control standard.


Horin Ltd has the unique technology and equipment of high-precision stainless steel equipment and sanitary piping installation and is the production base of mechanical and electrical equipment assigned by Guangzhou Design Institute of Light Industry of China.




    Develop into the industry model in quality standard for three years Develop into the industry leading brand in five years

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    Best Design, Best Quality, Best Practice Best After Sales Service, TOP Enterprise: TOP Brand, TOP Service, 100% Satisfaction

Horin Ltd

  • Our core value from, the Top managers & directors down to the last worker in the workshops we are one team and are commited to deliver perfection and quality. We all are dedicated to exeed customers expectations.


  • Tel:(+86) 769-86211985 - Mobile: ITALIA (+39) 3401483019 - EUROPA/AMERICA (+86) 156 02969791 - EMAIL :info@horinltd.com